Submission for Conference

Please prepare the manuscripts using the template:

Manuscript Template (Download)   

The manuscript should be written at least 4 pages using the template above and should contain the research background, the problem
statements, the objectives, the methods, the results and discussion of the findings, and the conclusions.

Guideline for Presentation

Oral presentation is conducted through recorded presentation in the format of video sent by presenters. The format of recorded presentation is as follows:

1.   Using Power Point template provided by ICIMECE 2021 (Download link

2.   Using OBS software to record the presentation (tutorial video is provided by ICIMECE committee) (tutorial link)

3.   Maximum duration of presentation: 10 mins.

4.   Video quality: HD; max 1080 px; 30 fps; file format MP4.

5.   The video needs to show the slide presentation and the face of presenters while presenting. The format is shown below:

6. Submit the video and the presentation file (Power point format)  to

7.  Please give file name to the video and presentation file: ICIMECE2021_(Article article) Example: ICIMECE2021_85

8. All videos will be uploaded to ICIMECE 2021 youtube channel