Conference Program

The conference is divided into two events: Keynote session and Plenary Session. Keynote and Invited speeches will be conducted via video conference on October 5th, 2021 (see the zoom link for each speaker).  During the conference, please use the following format for your identity:

Keynote and invited speakers : KIS_full name

Presenters or other authors : Article code_full name

Participants : P_full name 

And the zoom background can be downloaded via

The presenters have to submit their recorded presentation for oral session to the committee before September 20th, 2021. The videos of the recorded presentation will be published on ICIMECE 2021’s youtube channel. During break time (12.00-13.00 or 13-14.00, see the rundown), each presenter checks their video channel (youtube) and answers the question (if any in the comments column). The video links based on the categories are provided as follows:

  1. Industrial Engineering: 
  1. Mechanical Engineering:
  1. Electrical Engineering:
  1. Chemical Engineering: 
  1. II Special Symposium:

Program Book of ICIMECE 2021 can be downloaded via : 

ICIMECE 2021 Schedule

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Time (GMT+7)Program/scheduleRoom/Zoom Link
07.15-07.40 Online registration
Opening Ceremony :
Dean Speech
Sing the National Anthem of Indonesia
Keynote Session #1
08.00-08.30 Keynote Speaker I : Dr. Md Golam Kibria, Calgary, Canada
(07.00-07.30 PM or GMT-6, October 4th,2021)
Discussion I
Keynote Speaker II : Dr. Koji Enoki, Japan
(10.00-10.30 AM or GMT+8)
09.30-09.55 Discussion II
10.00-10.30 Keynote Speaker III : Prof Madya Ir. Dr. Syed Shatir Asghrar S.H, Malaysia
(11.00-11.30 AM or GMT+8)
10.30-10.55 Discussion III
11.00-11.30 Keynote Speaker IV : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somyot Kaitwanidvilai, Thailand
(11.00-11.30 AM or GMT+7)
11.30-11.55 Discussion IV
12.00-13.00 Prof. Anton Satria Prabuwono, Ph.D (08.00-08.25 AM, GMT+3)

Main Room
Break Time
13.00-13.30 Keynote Speaker V : Prof. Dr-Ing. Hendro Wicaksono, Germany
(8.00-8.30 AM or GMT+2)
13.30-13.55 Discussion V

Plenary Session

Timeplenary I In main room Plenary II In Room#2Plenary III in Room#3
14.00-14.25 Break Time Dr. Nonni Soraya Sambudi
(15.00-15.25, GMT+8)
Muhammad Hilmy Alfaruqi, Ph.D
(16.00-16.25, GMT+9)
14.25-14.45 Discussion Discussion Discussion
14.45-15.10 Prof. Madya Dr. Syed Ahmad Helmi bin Syed Hassan
(15.45-16.10, GMT+8)
Assoc. Prof. Abdulhakim Almajid
(10.45-11.10, GMT+3)
Assoc. Prof. Anita Pettersson, Ph.D
(09.45-09.10, GMT+2)
15.10-15.35 Discussion Discussion Discussion
15.35-15.50 Award announcement
in main room/zoom link
15.50-16.00 Closing